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CME Bitcoin Futures Hit $100B in Volume Since 2017, Director McCourt Says

Over $ 100 billion of Bitcoin products are transferred to CME futures trading. "Tim Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has exceeded $ 100 billion...

Bitspark Shuts Down Amid Restructuring, Coronavirus and Protests

Hong Kong's Bitspark blockchain money transfer suddenly announced its closure, citing internal restructuring problems. On February 3, Bitspark founder and CEO George Harrap officially announced...

Bitcoin Network SegWit Adoption Hits 66% After BitMEX Embraces Upgrade

According to the latest data, more transactions in Bitcoins (BTC) now use more of the so-called Segregated Witness technology ("SegWit") than ever before. According to...

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Law Enforcement Requests to Kraken Hit All-Time-High, Up 49% in 2019

Law enforcement requests for Kraken cryptocurrency exchanges reached their highest level in 2019, up 49% to 710 from 475 a year earlier. This data was...

Number of Blockchain Companies in Israel Grew by Over 30% in 2019

In Israel, according to a report published by the Israeli Bitcoin Association published on December 30, the number of companies associated with blockchain and...

Crypto and Blockchain Firms Pitch In to Help Coronavirus Victims

Some blockchain and cryptocurrency companies have promised to help victims of the Crown virus in Wuhan, China. Crypto exchange promised to donate 10 million...

US State of Virginia Legislature Looks to Blockchain for Elections

In the United States, the Virginia legislature wants to study blockchain to improve voting and voting. It was previously introduced on December 27 and scheduled...

4 Signs the Cryptocurrency Altcoin Market May Have Finally Bottomed

Bitcoin (BTC) has made a sudden jump of 9% over the past 24 hours. However, altcoin cryptocurrency has recently shown its strength. A recent increase...


Google Play Lifts Ban on Ethereum Browser Extension MetaMask

There is an extension of the core service in Ethereum's browser wallet, and the Metamask service should celebrate its launch in 2020 to inform...

Source: CoinTelegraph