A judge in the United States of America ruled that the previous sentence ordering Craig Wright to give up half of his Bitcoins to Dave Clement’s property would not be in place.

US investigative judge Bruce Reinhart issued a penalty ruling last August in a long-running battle against more than 1.1 million bitcoins mined by Wright and Clement in partnership in the early days of Bitcoin, shortly after Wright’s claims that he invented it.

According to court documents filed with a US county court in Florida on January 10, Judge Pete Blum ruled that Reinhart’s earlier sanction order was inappropriate.

False Claims Wright got a big fine
As reported by Cointelegraph, in August 2019, Reinhart spent that Wright incited himself by providing forged documents, and he recommended handing over 50% of the more than a million bitcoins he claimed extracted with Clement.

However, the last ruling states that this punishment was not appropriate, because the facts considered (that Wright was on an equal footing with Clement) are not specifically related to the issue of discovery (a list of Bitcoin holdings in Wright).

Moreover, even if the court accepts the facts considered, this misuse of the discovery will still be “unsecured”, as the court still does not know how much Bitcoin Wright has.

However, Judge Bloom concluded that Wright had made no goodwill effort to comply with the discovery orders and had to pay the fees for Clement’s attorney.

Kleiman Real Estate filed an application with legal costs of $ 658,000 in November of last year. This led to Wright promptly responding in the opposite direction, demanding that this be given because the hours and hours of work were “unreasonable”.

“Mysterious” courier to highlight Bitcoin holdings
Wright is not off the hook regarding Bitcoin yet. The judge ordered that Wright have until February 3, 2019, to notify the court if a “mysterious courier enslaved” arrived with the final key slide so that he could access his Bitcoin holdings.

The judge questioned the reasonableness of Wright’s previous assertion that this bag would hand over the portion by January 2020. However, she said, the court should indulge this opportunity.